willem van de polder
Willem van de Polder

Bio of Willem van de Polder (Born: September 3rd, 1953)

Started by coincidence as a photographer [autodidact] in 2004. After 2 years of shooting just for fun, I was invited into the professional photoworld as a freelancer with contracts of ANP [Hollands biggest press agency], Algemeen Dagblad [#2 nationwide daily newspaper], Gallo Images and Getty Images [worldwide]. Primarely soccer and tennis [soccer: Champions League, Dutch Major League, Dutch National Team]. Later on extended to various types of photography like models, commercial products and wildlife in South-Africa.

Short relevant working background:
Started at the age of 19 as a tenniscoach. After eight years I became an entrepeneur. Owned a few small companies in the tennis-industry. After that I started an import and export company which operated worldwide.
Also worked as an advisor for owners of several small companies regarding finance, sales, marketing and coaching of the boardmembers.
On a modest scale designer of several villas and interiors.

Actual, in a limited way, coaching ambitious students, young entrepeneurs, models and athletes and of course taking pictures.

Personal life: married with Anja Noorlander since 1977:-)